Dog walking

Dog walking 


All walks with Wiltshire Waggies are carried out with gentle handling...and love!❤️


Dog walking


Wiltshire Waggies offers a reliable service to dog owners and a safe and fun service for your dogs, offering one of their favourite things… walks!   


A strong understanding of dog body language & behaviour,  experience with a variety of different breeds, ages, personalities and a lot of love for dogs!  Dogs walked by Wiltshire Waggies are given lots of attention & care.  Safe & stimulating walks, with a variety of locations to explore & play. 


  • Available Monday – Friday - Dog walks & visits


  • Offering individual and group walks - Group walks require a period of introduction, specifically planned & organised to create 'happy dynamics' within the group of dogs. The happiness of each and every dog is of absolute importance, not all dogs are interested in 'friends' or enjoy the experience of walking with other dogs... but those that do, will be matched with the right dogs to suit their personality & temperament, to ensure they have maximum enjoyment & confidence during their Wiltshire Waggies walk.

  • The best for your dog - All dog walks are carried out to suit the needs of the customer and their dog, with an open and honest approach as to who their dog is walked with (If walked in a group), when their dog is walked, where their dog is walked... along with frequent communication in regards to the dogs overall experience, well being and behaviour.



  • Fully insured 
  • Canine First Aid Trained


       Why use a dog walker... 


  • Consistent walks are sometimes difficult to fit into busy schedules. With a regular dog walker, your dog still gets all of the exercise and attention they deserve and love!
  • Group walks provide an ample opportunity for socialisation, socialisation can help create a happy and fulfilled doggy lifestyle (...dependant on the needs and personality of the dog!).
  • New locations to explore.
  • Stimulates both their mind & body.
  • By expending your dog's energy it will allow them to feel relaxed and content.
  • With an experienced dog walker you get peace of mind knowing your dog is getting the best quality of life, even when you are not around.

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