Meet the Team

Meet the team




Barney signed up for the role of Manager after spending a few days out on walks with Wiltshire Waggies, he felt he could offer good insight into what dogs want, the best places to go, favourite treats to encourage quickest recall etc... Barney welcomes new dogs and shows them the ropes, he does a great job & takes his role to ensure everyone is happy and comfortable, very seriously… his priority is to make sure every walk is the best it can be for all dogs.



I am in love with dogs & fascinated by their behaviour and their personalities! In 2015 I decided that I was going to pursue my goal of working with them, breaking away from the office and moving back to Wiltshire.  I had an amazing time volunteering at a local dog day care, which along side being a lot of fun, gave me valuable insight into working with dogs. I have since gained more knowledge and learnt new skills around dog behaviour/dog handling and in 2016, I  decided to start my Wiltshire Waggies adventure! 💜 




Flori applied for the position of ‘Activities Co-ordinater’ at only 8 months old, the interview had barely began before she was asked to join the team. She moved from Spain in 2017 to begin her life in the UK. Flori has a lot of energy, is very sociable (unless you are a c a t...) & loves thinking of fun things to do & new places to go . A valued member of the Wiltshire Waggies team!

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